Monday, November 26, 2012

Big guys

It's just mind boggling how much our boyos have grown this year.  We are so lucky that our guys are growing up to be such sweet little guys and awesome brothers.  They are so much fun and keep Mike and I smiling and laughing every day.  

Enjoying hot cocoa on the couch

In typical Finn fashion, he decided he wanted to learn how to do headstands, and had them perfected in a day.  Recently, he's done the same thing with whistling and hula-hooping. 
And of course, Will always wants to be like his big bro.
Finn loves to show off how strong he is be carrying Will around - not always so graceful, though!

Sorry, I couldn't resist posting this adorable picture

...or this one either!

We are so lucky!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Core Virtue Award

Finn's school has "Core Virtues" which they use to guide the development of the kiddos.  They include things like integrity, justice, courage, responsibility, respect, etc.  Every month, they focus on one of the core virtues, and celebrate a child from every grade who exemplified that value.  We were so proud when Finn's teacher told us that he had been chosen as the kiddo who had exemplified that month's core virtue of self-discipline.  Mike and I got to attend a really sweet little ceremony where the kids were brought up and shook the hand of their teacher while the teacher explained why the child was receiving the award.  We are so proud of our big guy!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A 3 year old wonder!

We were very excited to celebrate Will's 3rd birthday with some of his buddies at home!  We can't believe our little guy is three!!!

Make a wish!
Soooo excited to open his presents
With friends, Nikko, Caroline, Teagan, Mackenzie and big bro Finn

Eating a chocolate cupcake for breakfast the next morning - spoiled birthday boy :)