Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Force is Strong...

Just recently, Finn and Will have become completely crazy about Star Wars.  And it was great timing with Halloween because Finn was very excited to be Darth Vader....and very conveniently, we had a Yoda costume from when Finn was 2 1/2 that Will was excited to wear.  

They started off with their VERY cool and fancy light sabers - which were also a little heavy, which meant that mom ended up carrying them for the evening.  They LOVED running from house to house, but ran out of steam much quicker than I would have imagined and we ended up going back home after about an hour. Then, they loved opening the door and giving out candy together.

Not to be outdone, I did a group costume at work - Rock, Paper, Scissors!  We won the group costume category (yes, my work gives out prizes for best costumes!) and we had a blast.  It was a great day all around, and YES, I did take off my rock when I went trick or treating with the boys :)

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