Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nearly 3

Oh, Will.  If you only knew how often your dad and I look at each other and shake our heads, astounded by you.  We've had to come up with all new words to describe you, like cute-plosion.  For so long, you were fiercely independent and not too fond of pausing for affection.  In the last several months, all of that has changed. You beg for hugs, kisses, high fives, and snuggles.  Lately you've been saying "Mommy and are my best friends."

You want to do everything that your brother does, no exceptions. You are right beside him practicing every sport, playing with every tricky toy and puzzle, singing every song, attending every impromptu dance party.  

Your favorite game is basketball, your favorite food is noodles and chocolate milk, you love fruits and green beans, you are an amazing block stacker, and you are crazy about playing on the iPhone.

One of your favorite thing to do is sleep in Finn's room, but thankfully you are a champion sleeper just like your brother.  You still love the blanket your Auntie J knitted you for your 1st birthday, and you love doggy stuffed animals.  

We love you, our sweet and beautiful guy. Thanks for being such a perfect member of of the Dub family. 

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