Saturday, August 25, 2012

The end of the summer at the Morris Lake

We got to spend another awesome day at the lake with the great Morris family.  The day started off great, as always....lots of fun in the water and the sand.  Finn and Will get along amazing with the Morris girls, Reagan, Taylor, and Chayce.  

"Show me your silly faces!"

Mike did lots of runs on the wakeboard, showing off some of his new jumping skills he'd been practicing all summer long...

...unfortunately on the last run of the day, he landed one of those jumps wrong and ended up hurting his knee pretty badly. least it happened at the end of the summer and not the beginning!

We ended the day with a BBQ and bonfire.  Thanks for being so awesome, summer.  See you next year. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finn starts Kindergarten!

Wow, time does fly, huh?  Our little Finn is starting Kindergarten and we are just so SO proud of our big guy.  I can't wait to see everything he learns this year.  He's already starting to sound out words and read a little, and his drawing and writing skills are improving every day.  He is with the best best best kindergarten teacher, and he loves her already.  

Time for a haircut the day before school starts!

Hanging out with Will before we leave

Big guy on campus

Celebratory ice cream after I pick him up from school.  He loved it!