Monday, April 30, 2012

A week of Mexico

Mike and I decided it would be pretty amazing to take a vacation...without the kids.  Thankfully, our friends and family agreed, and off we went!  Thanks to both of our famillies, along with great friends Leilani & Dave, Mark & Jamie, and our amazing nanny Kayley, we were able to fly off to Mexico for 6 days of nonstop sun and sea.

We went to a resort in Cancun, and Mike got 3 dives in while I read 6 books total while lounging by the pool and on the beach.  A perfect getaway!

One last squeeze from my Finn man on the way to the airport

Me with my "vacation ring" - you know, the ring you don't mind losing in the ocean

A beer while waiting for our shuttle - wasting no time

The view from our room

The pool
This was me for 6 days straight

Soooo in love :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pappy visits (and hikes!)

It's always so fun when Pappy visits us, especially when the weather is beautiful.  We enjoyed a gorgeous spring weekend together.

It all started with some tree chopping!  This 50 ft. cottonwood tree that we planted as a wee little spud had begun taking over our backyard, creating huge roots sticking out all over our lawn and tearing up our sprinkler system.  My dad and Mike conquered it, trimming off the huge branches one by one, and narrowly avoiding some serious Darwinism moments.  It just wouldn't be a Pappy weekend if we didn't put him to work a little bit!

                 Later in the weekend, it was time to hit the mountains for a fun hike with the boys.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunny Time

This year, the boys got no less than THREE egg hunts!

First up, a neighborhood egg hunt about a week before the holiday. 

Afterwards, the fire department was letting kids sit in the front seat.  

A couple of days later, it was time to dye eggs.

"Lean in close to the cups"  Hahaha.....

All done!
 On Easter morning, we woke up and the boys got right to work finding their eggs

Then, it was time to go to Gammy and Papa's for an epic hunt, which included eggs, toys, and candy. 

Followed by a long trip to the park on the beautiful spring day

Will's first time on the big boy swing!

Goofy Easter boys