Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun at the Morris Lake (x2!)

This summer we got to go to the lake with the Morris family two times. We always have so much fun with Heather, Jake, and their super sweet girls.

Finn and Taylor are in the same pre-K class together. Such sweet buddies.

A smooch on the boat

As we were speeding along in the boat, Finn and Taylor were chanting some strange song, that went something like, "No, no! We won't go!" Random!

Finn and Reagan caught frogs by the bucketful.

Will and gorgeous girl Chayce

The best picture I managed to take of all the kids together. Wiggly worms!

A quick beach snooze

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boulder Hometown Festival

On labor day weekend, there is a big festival in Boulder. We went last year and the kids had a blast. This year, Finn was big enough to do several of the rides. He also got an awesome airbrushed tattoo. What a big guy :)

Looking SO huge in this picture with Papa and Gammy.
A little ice cream treat afterwards....yum!