Wednesday, August 25, 2010

7 Stitches

On the way home from work today, I got a call from Mimi (Mike's mom, Kathy). She asked, very calmly, "Finn had a fall and needs some stitches, which hospital should we go to?". Now, Kathy is a nurse, so she knew the best thing she could do was stay calm. Me, on the other hand? I was freaking out! My boys have been lucky to NEVER visit a hospital since they've been born. It was a simple enough accident - he was running up the 3 stairs from our family room to the kitchen, tripped on one of the stairs and his chin came down on the top corner, which is wooden. Ouch!

We live very close to a Children's Hospital, so as soon as I got home, I picked him up and brought him in. Mimi was wonderful to stay home with Will.

Here we are, checking in with Finn's best stuffed buddy Blue Bear.

Showing the gash on his chin

We were brought into a room right away. Everything was kid-sized, and everyone was very sweet and calming.

It was nice to have distractions as we waited for the doctor to come in.

A child psychologist came in to explain what was going to happen in "kid terms". She showed him a bear that had a gash on his head and went through all the steps of cleaning him off, numbing him, and giving him "kitty whiskers" (stitches). She had Finn help with everything.

With the numbing gel on...

Watching Cars while the numbing gel did it's work

7 quick stitches later, he is excited to get a grape Gatorade...

...and a Bugs Bunny Band-Aid!

And he's still smiling! Such a brave little man :) Hey, what's life without scars, eh?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Camping at the Royal Gorge

We took a 3 day weekend to the Royal Gorge with our good friends, the Shaws!

Here is our little bunkhouse
Close quarters! Just glad to have a bed to sleep on!!

All the kiddos - Will, Jayden, Finn, and Haley
A full fun day at the Royal Gorge Park
Will's signature face
Happy Will

Getting up close and personal with the baby goats

Ice Cream Face
Zonked out boys from a big day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of SCHOOL

Finn started preschool today - WOW! I think he's going to do great in the classroom, learning new songs and meeting new friends. We've been talking about it for weeks, and he was super happy as we dropped him off for his first day.

I'm not even kidding, Finn LOVES to vacuum.

Checking out the kids and toys.

Will saw how freaked out I was getting that Finn was old enough to go to school, so he tried to ease my fears by learning how to walk. YOU AREN'T HELPING, KID.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finn's First Dentist Visit

We decided to make Finn's first appointment with the dentist. They called it his "happy visit" - basically just bring him in, let him check out the chair and the tools, and see how much they could do. They warned us it may not be anything, that most kids around 3 won't let them clean their teeth.

Checking out the scene, scoping the chair and tools.

He did great, let the hygienist do a full cleaning!

Cool as a cucumber, letting the dentist check him out
Admiring those pearly whites! Nice job, kiddo!