Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poppy visits!

We all love when my dad comes for long weekends - and not just because we always seem to put him to work (thanks for putting the ceiling fan up in Will's room, Dad!), but because he gives Finn and Will nonstop attention and love.

Enjoying the pool on a beautiful summer day
Finn was excited to show off his swim lesson skills
Mike and Poppy going for a run with the jogging stroller

We love you Poppy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life at the Dub House

Wow, this summer has been way too much fun so far. We've had so much going on every single weekend - lots of quick trips, time at the pool, and hot summer days. We have hardly been home at all - and poor Mike is trying to fit his school work into the week while I make endless plans for us :) He sure is a trooper, staying up late to finish his homework and existing on the tiniest amount of sleep possible in order to spend time with us. Only 3 more short months and he'll be DONE WITH SCHOOL, which we are all very excited about. Hopefully shortly after that will come a new job with "normal" hours so we can actually spend our evenings and weekends together for the first time EVER!

In the meantime, we are just sitting back in awe of our two munchkins who are growing at the speed of light. Finn is taking swim lessons and getting so brave in the pool. His latest adventure is jumping in from the side of the pool and going all the way under the water before we scoop him up. He could do this...ohhhh, 30 or 40 times in a row!
Also, he has grown about 2 feet in the last month and now fits on his BIG BOY BIKE with training wheels. At the beginning of the summer, we thought it would be too big for him until next year, but now he's motoring on it constantly.

Earning his keep, pulling weeds!

He knows how to do it right, getting those roots out! (Yes, he is in his swimsuit and winter gloves. Whatever works, people!)

The cutest brothers you ever did see
Oh, this boy! We are so lucky :)

Happy 4th!

This year, we got quite a bit of rain on the 4th of July and ended up watching the fireworks on lawn chairs in our garage, while snuggled in blankets. But before the rain, we got some time to roll around on the lawn and light sparklers.

Grass, yummmmmmmmm

Just this once, I promise

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Reunion, 2010

This year instead of heading up to Casper, Wyoming for the annual family reunion (on Mike's side), we took the longer trip to Cedaredge, CO. A long trip, but it was a great weekend!

Finn was on this trampoline for about 6 hours that day
Finn and his cousin Trevor getting as dirty as possible in the horseshoe pit

A quick hike from the property was a beautiful river.

Finn LOVED throwing rocks into the river

The kids were way too distracted to allow for that picturesque "family by the water" picture that I was after

Yummm, s'mores! The perfect way to end the day!