Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letter to Finn - the thirtieth month


Yes, this may be a weird time to start writing you a letter (and I could write another one next month or maybe not another one until your sixtieth month), but off I go anyway.

And just like that, I’m stuck. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say – it’s that I have too much. You are so much more than I even thought possible. When your dad and I decided to try to have a baby, it was all such a vague idea. We waited a long time and then when we felt ready (whatever that means) we dove in. And it was all so….good. I mean, there wasn’t enough sleep and there wasn’t enough money and WAY too much puking and there were too many dishes to do and too many clothes to wash – but it was all just tiny details in comparison to what you were giving us in return. The details of your first year are all such a blur now, but I remember spending long periods of time just staring at you. Watching you learn, figure out the world, making everyone fall in love with you. I tried to ignore all the books and just let you hit your milestones when you were ready. I tried to let you experiment with foods and smash it in your perfect little hands and rub it in your barely-there hair. I let you tip over cups and splash in the water. You fell, you bumped your head, you got dirty and wet, you put weird things in your mouth. But you learned, a lot.

The thing that I’m always so grateful (and slightly suspicious of) is how overwhelmingly easy you’ve made things for us. You have an even temperament, you are a great sleeper and napper, you rarely cry. You love to snuggle, to kiss, to hug, to be held, to laugh. I truly like to be around you. The other day I had an afternoon to myself with plans to get my nails done and go shopping. This was a rare (unheard of?) occurrence...yet, I decided to pick you up early from daycare instead. My heart literally was just bursting to see you and I couldn’t wait another moment. This is what you do to me.

Now, let’s not pretend you never drive us crazy. Last weekend after your nap, you wailed for 30 minutes, for absolutely no reason at all (at least no reason you would share with me). Then, as if it never happened, you stopped crying, grabbed your milk and asked to watch the Monster movie. Sure kid, let me just clear my ringing ears and I’ll get right on that. Sometimes you don’t want to wear ANY shirt except the one you wore yesterday that you spilled spaghetti sauce all over. Sometimes you will only drink your water out of the blue cup with ONLY the red straw. And then you’ll want a yellow straw. But then only the orange one will do.

You absolutely blow me away by how well you are talking these days. We have conversations, most of which make perfect sense. You point things out that I don’t notice. You tell me that the plants are getting stronger and that the clouds are hugging the mountains. You told Curious George to be careful when you saw a picture of him standing in front of a stove. Today as we were saying goodbye to your dad, who was still in bed, you told him “I love you Daddy, sweet dreams.” Yesterday you pointed out a fly against the window, told me you loved him, caught him in your hand and asked to put him outside. I’m not sure who taught you to like to touch bugs SO MUCH. (And what the hell, I’ve never caught a fly in my life!)

You need us a little less these days. At the park, you told me you had a rock in your shoe. You sat down, took it off, shook it out and put it back on. You open the cabinet and help yourself to snacks. The other day I asked you for a hug and you informed me you were busy. Then, 10 seconds later, you said “Okay, I’m ready” and climbed into my lap. You buried your head in my chest and murmured “I love you” and wrapped your arms around me. Then, you tilted your head to me and we smiled at each other. I’ll never take those moments for granted, Finn. Never.

I love you, Mommy

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pool time!

We've been taking advantage of the hot temps and getting lots of pool time in.

He kept bringing Mike rocks and bugs to look at. Such a boy!

Who needs a swimsuit? Not this little one, apparently!
Hanging out with his buddy Gia
Happy as a clam in the pool!

An impromptu pool session with Cyan - they were playing in the backyard and then all of a sudden they were in the pool!

My super happy man
Poolside self-portrait

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A weekend of work

For my birthday, I asked my dad if he would fly from Nashville to help Mike and I tackle our long to-do list of items we wanted to get done before the baby arrives. Being the awesome pop that he is, he agreed without hesitation. And being the awesome husband/dad he is, Mike took the long weekend off to work his butt off. And man, did they work!

Because I was too busy napping and lounging out by the pool, I didn't take as many pictures as I was hoping, but here are a few:

Finn's new ceiling fan
Painting the baby's room

Now, this is not to say that Finn wasn't around to offer his help and advice. Here is is monitoring the progress of one project.

And keeping the guys cool while they painted
He also had some helpful suggestions from time to time, and made sure that they knew they were on the clock - no slacking!
When the weekend was over, the guys had stained our fence (a MUCH bigger project than originally estimated!), painted the baby's room, tamed our cottonwood tree, extracted a tree root that was messing up our sprinkler, replaced a couple of ceiling lights, installed a ceiling fan in Finn's room, hung our bikes in the garage and repaired some drywall cracks. I'm probably forgetting a few things! On top of ALL OF THAT, my dad also let us sleep in every morning. Needless to say, we are considering moving him out here.

Finn giving Papa a big smooch!

A tad bit bright outside! Squinty daughter-dad shot. Thanks dad, you ROCK!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The growing bump

I've been taking pictures every 4 weeks, starting at 16 weeks to document the baby bump. Here are the pics so far:

16 Weeks

20 Weeks
20 Weeks

24 Weeks
24 Weeks
He's growing fast and kicking a lot! Definitely a lot more movement than I felt with Finn. I'm feeling great and at a stage in the pregnancy where I'm really enjoying everything. Of course, heartburn is starting to hit, and I'm not TOO thrilled about that...but it's tolerable :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The crib to bed transition

We finally decided to make the BIG switch from crib to bed this week. Mike was sure that Finn was ready, and so I (reluctantly) went along with the plan. I was a little worried that our super sleeper would be no more. However, Mike was SO SURE it was going to be an easy transition, that I decided to go with the flow and make it happen!

From the day we bought the bed, Finn was stoked. I think he wanted to sleep in it that night, but we still had some things to do before we could set everything up. The day before we left for the family reunion, we brought the bed into the living room and he jumped right on, super excited. "My new bed! My new bed!" he kept saying. We talked about how he would sleep in his new bed when we got home, and he seemed really ready!

The last time in the crib:

C'mon mom! I'm ready for my new bed!

"Helping" Daddy take apart his crib (because of course it wouldn't fit through the door all put together)

We could barely get him out of his bed to go eat dinner!

It was all just too easy! We did our normal bedtime routine of bath and stories, put him down just after 8pm, and.....that was it. He woke up just before 7, just sitting and chatting quietly in his bed. Is the worst yet to come, or was it just that easy??? Time will tell :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Wyoming Family Reunion Weekend

Mike's family meets every year over the 4th of July weekend for their annual reunion. We hadn't gone the last 2 years because it was more of camping thing and since we don't have any kind of RV or camping gear (and I didn't want to be sleeping in a tent with such a young kiddo), we skipped it. We were excited to see everyone again and introduce Finn to the clan. It was a fun 3 days filled with:

4 hour car trip - Finn did great
Couple of rest stops to run around
Serious wind in his hair!
Finn wasted no time after we got there jumping in the mud with his cousin Trevor

Horse riding with Daddy

Picking up grasshoppers and worms - this boy loves bugs

Filling up his squirt bottle about a thousand times and announcing "I'm going to squirt you!"...he needs to work on his surprise attack

Playing with all his cousins! They were so sweet to try to include him in everything even though he was so much younger than the majority of them.

The "older" generation

The whole clan - what a fun weekend!!