Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Six Months!

Mommy had to go on a business trip this week, so Finn and Daddy have been hanging out!

Today Finn is six months old! We can't believe how fast this has happened! He is turning into such a great kid. Mommy will be back in time to give him a "birthday" kiss!

To celebrate his big day, Daddy took him to the pool yesterday (since he strangely only seems to go around the 22nd of each month.) We got a floaty thing to work with in the pool, but he just used it as a bed! He just tends to get very mellow in the water. Good stuff!

Since we were photographer-free for the trip, the above photo is pre-pool, the one below is post-pool. Effective trip! The next one is the best self-portrait we could come up with.
Grammy and Auntie J have been over to help us out a few times. Thank you!

The next photo is Finn looking out the back window while Grammy and I had lunch.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christmas comes early

If all Finn wants for Christmas are his 2 front teeth, then he got his wish a couple of months early - on Thursday his 2 front bottom teeth made a simultaneous appearance! It was a big surprise since he hasn't been cranky at all - so we are very grateful he is being so easy going about the whole process. It is too early to try to catch a picture of them, as it is only the very tops of the teeth beginning to show. I have no idea how long it takes for those to poke through all the way - another adventure!!

Another fun beginning that we had was Finn's introduction to solids. On Friday night, he got his first few spoonfuls of rice cereal. He let most of it dribble out of his mouth and kinda licked his lips. He was definitely done after about 8 "bites".

Kisses from Daddy

Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Post bathtime fun with Mommy

Learning to sit with his good buddy Carl

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summer fun

We got him a big obnoxious new toy that makes crazy noises -
he loves it, of course!

Finn has been getting better at napping and sleeping at night without being swaddled. The last two mornings when I woke up, he was sideways in his crib on his belly with his feet poking through the rails! Seems like a whole new adventure is coming our way!

Here are pictures from the second half of the infant massage class last weekend. This time we did his back and head. He wasn't too crazy about the face massage, but we think he dug the back! He is rolling alot, and thought it was a fun game to roll around while we were trying to do the massage.

The massage student, Flor, really bonded with Finn!